Monday, July 15, 2013


Let’s hear it for the 2013 DOG AND PONY SHOW of Glendale Water and Power Company. For the past couple of weeks, our local utility company has been instructed by our city council to reach out to the community and explain how council and GWP were going to circumvent proposition 26.  Proposition 26 requires 2/3rd voter approval when a city imposes any rate increases related to property rights.  The proposed electric rate increase will be approximately 30% compounded over the next five years and only on the kilowatts used, plus additional fixed costs.  In addition, when the variable green fuel commodity is added to the 30%, plus the fixed cost, the actual electrical rate increases can be 70% or more over the next five years.  Also, from 2007-2015 water rates will have gone up 51%.

With the re-election of council members Friedman and Najarian together with Mayor Weaver and stand in Councilman Quintero, all are on board for the 2013 Glendale Water & Power Dog & Pony Show working its way around town.

The GWP proposed electric rate increases in 2012 were postponed, because council members Friedman and Najarian were up for re-election in April.

Council members Friedman, Najarian, Quintero and Weaver are all beholden to the unions for “pay to play” politics as the unions have given these council members countless thousands of dollars in campaign money through the years for their continued support. (Salary: Parking Mgr. $96,060: Retired Police Chief, Ron De Pompa, just retired at age 57 with an annual LIFE TIME pension of $197,000). 

As millions of dollars continue being drained out of the GWP into the GENERAL FUND to primarily pay for city workers salaries, pensions and benefits, council approved a $35 million bond last year and another $60 million bond is being discussed now to keep the utility company afloat. 

During the April election,  Glendale Police and Fire Fighters Associations,  were doing what unions do best…getting out the vote for their candidates in order to receive  as much salary, pensions and benefits from the taxpayers as possible.

The union supported candidates were well funded and well organized compared to their challengers. 

At candidate forums and on campaign mailers  it was stated to the voters and local merchants if they wanted to have their electric and water rates increased, fees and taxes increased, as well as new bonds, please, by all means,  support and vote for the incumbent candidates…And the voters did!

What recourse do the blinded voters have now? NONE! Mission Accomplished.

Mike Mohill  

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