Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Transcript of council speech.       
Good evening ladies and gentlemen. On the eve of the 4th of July 2013, a group of concerned citizens met at Glendale Central Library, because Glendale City Council was planning to raise the electric rates of the people, without their consent. This action was in violation of Proposition 26 of the State Constitution. On August 6, 2013, our City Council without the express approval of the people raised our electric rates 29.1%, over the next five years, because our politicians since 2000 depleted approximately $250 million from Glendale Water and Power Company and decided to use that money for non utility usage. 

Little over a year ago a GWP meeting was held at the Glendale Police Station Headquarters.  Our new City Manager, Scott Ochoa, informed the people’s attorney, Professor Harry Zavos, that the utility company had about $150 million in 2005. 

Today, practically nothing is left in our utility company. Mr. Ochoa and Mayor Weaver, where did the people’s money go? Why did we need to have another electric rate increase last year plus another $60 million bond? Why? Did we transfer all that money to the General Fund to pay for the bloated salaries and pensions of our Union City workforce? 

Mayor Weaver, why did you have to tell Professor Zavos if he did not like the way GWP was being run he should sue the city? Mayor Weaver, why did you tell this speaker a couple of months ago if I did not like the way the city was being run … I should just leave? Mayor Weaver, in all due respect, did the people elect you king? I thought we had elected you as a council person accountable to the people.

Last week the GLENDALE COALITION FOR BETTER GOVERNMENT fought back and reluctantly filed a lawsuit against the City of Glendale for the illegal transfer of millions of dollars from Glendale Water and Power to the General Fund to be used for non GWP purposes.

Glendale Coalition for Better Government welcomes members of the community who are looking for integrity, accountability, responsiveness, and transparency in city government. The COALITION is an all volunteer, non partisan, non-profit organization.  Their website is www.GlendaleCaCoalition.Org. 

Earlier this year, another group of concerned citizens formed THE TAX LIMITATION COMMITTEE. These citizens are currently circulating a petition, throughout the city, to repeal the city’s 7% Utility Users Tax on water, electricity, gas, phone and cell phones. These citizens are upset, because the taxes that Glendale Water and Power say they need is being transferred to the city’s General Fund.  Last year alone, about $21 million was transferred from our utility company. Subsequently, to add insult to injury our City Council members claim Glendale Water and Power needs more money to run its utility company and continues to increase rates on water, electricity and new bond obligations.

When is enough….. enough? Why is GWP being used as a CASH COW in violation of the city Charter?

As struggling families and small merchants try to survive in this economy the question being asked is...Where is all that money going?

Prior to the American Revolution against the British in 1776, the cry heard throughout the 13 colonies was “taxation without representation”. Now, in the city of Glendale a different cry is being heard when citizens have to reluctantly revolt and sue their local government or seek a petition to repeal  miss -used taxes.

When our elected officials do not want to listen to the people, but are beholden to the unions as well as large developers, then a citizens’ revolt is a natural re-action.

A few merchants where one can sign the Petition to Repeal the City Utility Users Tax are:

Adams Square:
     Cristi Cleaners, Adams Kabob House
Kenneth Village:
     Jerry Armen Realtor, Georges Cucina’s Restaurant
     Trotta Floor Covering, Dominos Pizza, Quiznoz, Twigs and Things
South Glendale:     Antique Car Wash, Braun Brakes
Chevy Chase
Canyon:     Boris Auto Repair, Mike Mohill

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