Saturday, August 15, 2015

Hi Friends..... GRANT FUNDING, is food stamps for failed city governments, continues to be the NEW NORMAL to pay for Glendale's needed services. GRANT FUNDING should be supplemental rather than the sole or main source of revenue. With 80% of the General Fund needed to pay the salaries and pensions of our police and fire personnel, very little revenue is available to fix roads, public transportation, parks, libraries , senior programs, etc.
The City's revenue is not our problem. The problem is our government continues to spend more money than it receives. They tax us in the morning, they tax us in the afternoon, they tax us at dinner, they tax us at break time. Please sign the NON-PARTISAN UTILITY USERS TAX petition, being circulated throughout the City, and help  put the TAX REPEAL PETITION on the ballot, which will help place government on a needed diet.
On 8/25/15,  Council did another BAND AID FIX for salary and pension reform for our Fire Department. When council members accept campaign money from city unions (Friedman, Najarian), there is a perception of a conflict of interest.  Will Glendale eventually emulate the failed and bankrupt cities of San Bernardino, Santa Ana, Stockton, Vallejo, etc.? Only cities that belong to CALPERS have had to file for bankruptcy protection. Glendale belongs to CALPERS.
After losing millions of dollars in stocks, bonds, etc., the financially irresponsible and corrupt CALPERS pension plan's new strategy is to be more conservative and mainly invest in bonds, and have the TAXPAYERS contribute more money for CALPERS retired employees. Average Social Security benefit is about $15,000 annually, but we have CALPERS employees with annual LIFE TIME PENSIONS of $100,000 - $200,000  plus. NO member of our City Council wants to take on CALPERS!
Additionally, over development in our downtown area in a short period of time will be the LEGACY OF MAYOR NAJARIAN AND COUNCILWOMAN FRIEDMAN. They have ruined Glendale and our Quality of Life and today they are both seeking higher political office.
Former Councilman, Dave Weaver, loved to tell the public that Council members must be doing a great job, because few people bother to come before Council and express their displeasure.
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